Invited speakers

Invited speakers

The following invited speakers have confirmed their participation (listed alphabetically):

Il-Sug Chung – Technical University of Denmark

Hybrid Vertical Cavity Laser for Silicon Photonics Light Source Integration

Georgy E. Cirlin – Academic University St. Petersburg

Single photon sources based on hybrid nanowire – quantum dot systems

Victor Dolores-Calzadilla – Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute Berlin

Semiconductor lasers for a versatile III-V photonic integrated platform

Antonio Hurtado – Strathclyde University

Transfer printing of semiconductor nanowire lasers for nanophotonic device fabrication

Guillaume Huyet – Tyndall National Institute Cork

Dynamics of Frequency swept lasers

Nina Owschimikow – Technische Universität Berlin

Fundamental and applied aspects of carrier dynamics in submonolayer quantum dots